New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep – With the Help of E-Cigarettes

Quit Smoking with E-Cigarettes Cigarettes are one of the most dangerous and lethal products in the world, causing more deaths each year than HIV, illegal drugs, alcohol, motor vehicle and firearm accidents combined.

Although they won’t kill you quickly, smoking affects almost every organ in the body and leads to a host of deadly diseases.

To top it off, nicotine and other toxic chemicals found in cigarettes are highly addictive, making it extremely difficult for smokers to quit. In the past there weren’t many options to help smokers in their crusade to give up this deadly habit, but these days there are a variety drugs and nicotine replacement therapies such as the patch.

The effectiveness of these methods are still in question, but there’s a new kid on the block that may be may be a better tool to help smokers quit – THE E-CIGARETTE.

Anecdotal Evidence from Vapers

Like millions of people, I struggled for years trying to give up smoking. I went cold turkey numerous times, used the patch, nicotine gum, etc. It wasn’t until I gave e-cigarettes a shot that I found a lasting solution.

There are thousands of testimonials around the Web from former smokers who quit using e-cigarettes. You won’t hear this mentioned in the media very often, and electronic cigarette companies are prevented from making these claims, but the anecdotal evidence is strong and many experts agree that that e-cigarettes an effective tool for smoking cessation.

Dr. Michael Siegel, a leading e-cigarette expert and researcher, outlines some of the reasons why electronic cigarettes are so effective at helping smokers quit:

Why Electronic Cigarettes Work (Dr. Michael Siegel)

Smoking Cessation Studies

Although electronic cigarettes may not work for everyone, they’re helping thousands of people to quit smoking and exposing them to significantly less health risks in the process.

Since their recent introduction in 2007, there have been numerous of studies on the safety and effectiveness of electronic cigarettes, and virtually all of the research suggests that they’re much safer than smoking and are effective at helping people quit. Here are some of the most notable smoking cessation studies:

  • 2015 Oxford University Study – Daily use of electronic cigarettes for at least one month is strongly associated with quitting smoking at follow-up.
  • 2014 IJERPH Study – E-cigs were shown to be highly effective in reducing cigarette craving and resulted in “remarkable reductions” in or complete abstinence from tobacco.
  • 2014 Addiction Journal Study – Among smokers attempting to quit, those who used e-cigs were more likely to report abstinence than those using NRT or no aid.
  • 2013 Addictive Behaviors Study – E-cigarettes may contribute to relapse prevention in former smokers and smoking cessation in current smokers.
  • 2013 Lancent Medical Journal Study – Determined that e-cigarettes were modestly effective at helping smokers to quit, equivalent to nicotine patches.
  • 2013 PLoS ONE Study – E-cigarettes decreased cigarette consumption and elicited enduring tobacco abstinence without causing significant side effects.
  • 2012 Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco – E-cigs deliver similar levels of nicotine and reduce exposure to combustion toxicants after switching from tobacco.
  • 2011 BioMed Central Public Health Study – Concluded that smokers substantially decreased their cigarette consumption (without significant side effects) with e-cigs.

A New Opportunity to Quit Smoking!

If you’re serious about quitting smoking and haven’t tried an e-cig yet, maybe 2016 is the year to give one a try? A cheap disposable e-cigarette from a local gas station may be a good introduction, but it’s likely to leave you unsatisfied and disappointed.

If you’re serious about quitting (or making a switch), eventually you’ll need to commit to a more reliable and powerful setup to accomplish your objective. There are literally hundreds of different companies and products to choose from, so do a little research about the different types of e-cigarettes that are available before you shell out any cash.

Not only have I personally quit smoking using electronic cigarettes, but I’ve witnessed nearly a dozen family members and friends make the switch. In addition, we’ve heard from hundreds of people on our website who have successfully quit smoking and testimonials are rampant around the Web.

By law, electronic cigarette companies can’t make the claim that their products help people quit, but take a look at the studies and read some of the THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS (more samples) posted on websites, forums and social media pages. It’s obvious that e-cigarettes are an effective tool for smoking cessation. Maybe 2016 could be the year you stop smoking… with the help of an e-cig 😉

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  1. Avatar Luis Cotto says:

    I recently made the switch to vaping after 30 years of being smoking.I tried everything gum,patches nothing works finally it’s being 2 months smoke free just vaping it’s just something I never thought will happen…

    • Great to hear… and congratulations on 2 months of being smoke-free! I think it’s safe to say that most smokers are doubtful about e-cigarettes when they first start, but our team hears stories like yours all the time. It keeps us motivated and inspired… gotta keep spreading the word about e-cigs! Congrats again… and keep up the good work 😉

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