Is It Safe to Purchase from Chinese Vaping Suppliers?

Safe Vaping Gear from China It’s a dilemma that many of our visitors face, and we constantly field questions about whether or not it’s safe to purchase vaping supplies from China. The most obvious and difficult issue to deal with is the difference in pricing. Chinese vaping suppliers almost always have lower (sometimes significantly lower!) prices, since most of the products are produced in Asia. But is saving a little money worth the additional risk? There are a variety of problems that could arise; plus, there’s the moral dilemma about whether or not purchasing your vaping supplies from China is the right thing to do.

We list deals from Chinese vaping suppliers almost everyday, and even though they’re from reliable suppliers that we trust, it’s not the same as buying your vapor supplies from a local or US-based company. Here’s what you need to know:

Downsides of Buying from China

There are some clear differences between purchasing an item from China vs. choosing a local or American-based vendor. Here are some of the main problems you may run into when ordering vape supplies from China:

Longer Wait Times: The first, and most obvious issue that you may run into when ordering from China is extended or delayed shipping. It takes much longer for an item to be shipped from Asia vs. across State lines. Not only is the distance further, but items being shipped from overseas have to pass through Customs, and in some cases this can create long delays. In general, you can expect 10-14 business days (2-3 weeks) for an item to arrive from China using standard shipping. That same product from a US vendor may take 3-7 days – or less.

Customer Service Issues: Unlike most US-based companies, you’ll be lucky to find a phone number listed on a Chinese vape supplier website. Don’t expect to be able to make a quick phone call to ask a question or to get more information. To top it off, there’s roughly a 12 hour time difference between China and the US, so even if you send an email, it could take hours to get a response.

Poor Communication: To make customer service matters even worse, the language barrier can make communicating extremely difficult. Trying to ask a question or convey a problem doesn’t always go smoothly, and you may not get the response you’re expecting because of the confusion. What may take a simple call or email to a US customer service rep could take multiple chats or emails. And the end result could be less than satisfactory, depending on the vendor.

Cheap Knockoffs / Clones: Although most Asian vaping suppliers are very clear about which items are authentic – and which ones are not – I’ve heard plenty of stories about people ordering (what they thought) was authentic vaping gear, only to receive a cheap knockoff or clone. I’ve never had this happen personally, but it’s something that you should be aware of when ordering from China.

Difficult Returns / Exchanges: Most Chinese vapor suppliers will list return / exchange policies on their websites, but don’t expect it to be a simple or smooth process. Depending on the situation (and the vendor), if returns are possible you’re likely to be responsible for return shipping costs, and you’ll also be required to fill out extra documentation to ship the item overseas. Once again, this process is sure to move slowly due to distance and International shipping procedures, and the language barrier will continue to make things frustrating.

Reliable Chinese Suppliers That I Trust

Although you certainly need to be aware of the potential issues outlined above, there are a number of Chinese vaping suppliers that provide decent customer service and reasonable turnaround times. In the 3+ years that I’ve been vaping, I’ve placed dozens of orders from Chinese vendors with only one major issue so far (thanks to Customs!)… along with a few longer than expected delays.

Here are some reliable Chinese vape suppliers that I trust:

Reliable Chinese Vape Suppliers

  • Fast Tech – Well-established company with huge selection and extremely competitive pricing.
  • Efun.Top – Rock bottom prices with zero issues to date. Limited DIY supplies and accessories.
  • Gear Best – One major delay, but otherwise very reliable. Wide selection with low pricing.
  • Heaven Gifts – Fast shipping with reasonable pricing on most items.
  • 3FVape – Very low pricing… no issues thus far.

Deciding Between US & Asian Vape Suppliers

I’ve placed my fair share of orders with Chinese vaping suppliers, but I don’t always chase after the lowest price. Everyone loves to save money, but sometimes the headaches just aren’t worth it. If I run out of supplies and need something fast, then an Asian supplier is out – some items just can’t wait! And if I’m purchasing a regulated device or something that’s more likely to break, I typically go for a US-based company so I can get quick, reliable technical support.

Personally, I like to purchase replacement coils and DIY supplies from China since you can buy in bulk for less. The chances of having an issue are very low, and I don’t mind waiting if I order in advance. I’m OK with tanks and attys, but I rarely risk it with mods. They’re more expensive, and even if they arrive without issue, something could go wrong and I’m stuck with it, or dealing with a huge hassle.

No matter what, I always search for American vaping suppliers first, since a portion of the proceeds will stay right here in the Untied States. The truth is, a huge chunk of the profits are going right back to Asia (since that’s where most of the products originate), but if the pricing is reasonably close and I can support a local or US-based operation in the process, that’s always my first choice.

What’s been your experience with Chinese vapor suppliers? Is it OK to buy from China? Which vendors are the most reliable and would you order again?

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  1. Avatar GM says:

    Remember: Modern e-cig Vaping was invented in China by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in 2003. 90% or more of all vape hardware products are manufactured in China. Clones are manufactured along side the Authentics in the same factory. There are no patents in China as the “Party” owns everything. One simply needs to get the blueprints, go to a government owned factory and start making e-cigs. There are about 600 factories in China that manufacture e-cig hardware. The “Authentic” brands do not own factories, everyone contracts to the Party owned factories to produce the product, based upon the government owned blueprints which are all the same. You will find about the same defect rates in similar products, assuming that the same materials are used. That is, you can have Spinner 2 battery tubes, but you can insert cheap batteries. Items such as a basic BVC coil have very little room to cut corners.

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