Uncle Junk’s E-Juice Review

Uncle Junks E-Juice Review

Uncle Junks produces premium “craft” e-juice and offers a nice selection of creative products. Established in 2012, their e-liquid menu has grown to include eight different flavors – most of them being of the fruit-flavored variety. Of course these aren’t your typical fruit flavors; they’re smooth, flavorful, well-balanced and interesting, but you’ll certainly pay a hefty premium for them.

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  • Unique, premium flavors
  • Well-balanced, flavorful and smooth


  • Quite expensive ($23.99 per 30ml)
  • 30/70 PG/VG only

About Uncle Junk’s

Uncle Junk’s Genius Juice (AKA: Uncle Junk’s) is a premium “craft” e-juice manufacturer based out of Downey, California. An honorable mention on our “Top Craft E-Juice” list, they’re not as well known as some companies (such as Five Pawns or Space Jam), but they’ve certainly developed a strong following and offer several unique and interesting flavor choices. Available at a growing list of vape shops around the country, many online vape suppliers, including Vapor DNA, carry Uncle Junks e-liquid as well.

Made in U.S.A. with “only the finest ingredients,” the company doesn’t provide much info about the manufacturing process, their facilities or their flavorings, but keeping the details a secret isn’t uncommon in this extremely competitive industry. Available in 15ml and 30ml sizes in a full-range of nicotine strengths, Uncle Junk’s e-juice is approximately 30/70 PG/VG, designed to provide a great combination of flavor and vapor.

Our Uncle Junks E-Liquid Review

With a few taste tests under our belts prior to this review, we were relatively familiar with Uncle Junks e-juice before deciding to test their entire line. We’ve suggested Bettie White and Monica’s Eyes in the past (outstanding fruit flavors!), but there were still a handful of Uncle Junk’s flavors that we never tried. With eight different choices, Vapor DNA only had six in-stock when we placed our order. And although it probably wasn’t necessary, we let them steep for 30 days and all three members of our team vaped each one (on-and-off) for a week. Here’s what we thought:
Uncle Junks E-Liquid

Uncle Junk’s E-Juice Flavors:
  • Bettie White (4/5) – Bettie White is described as “a pomegranate base with subtle hints from the apple family,” and the description serves it pretty well. A well-balanced combination of fruits, the tangy sweet pomegranate is nicely complimented by apple notes throughout inhale and exhale, making it hard to pinpoint one flavor over the other. Bettie White is sweet (like the actress), but not so overwhelmingly sweet that it will dominate or overwhelm your taste buds. Light and refreshing, it’s a perfect all day vape that doesn’t seem to weaken or diminish over time like some fruit flavors.
  • Hard Lemonade (3/5) – Although it’s definitely not our favorite, Uncle Junk’s Hard Lemonade is pretty darn accurate. It’s sharp and crisp on inhale, with a sweet / tart lemonade flavor that carries throughout the exhale. Very authentic and flavorful, just like a Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Unlike a standard lemonade flavored e-juice, a kick of alcohol flavoring is thrown in and provides a nice little throat hit. Vanessa thought it tasted a bit “chemically”, but the rest of us disagreed. It may not be our favorite, but if tangy, sweet and “throaty” vapes are your thing, it might be worth a shot.
  • Honey Do (5/5) – We’re big fans of sweet, candy fruit flavors, and Honey Do certainly did it for us. Refreshing, melony sweet goodness that almost makes your mouth water. It actually tastes juicy; like a Mamba candy or a melon-flavored Starburst. There’s certainly some honeydew, possibly mixed with cantaloupe and watermelon. Even with it’s juicy deliciousness, it wasn’t too sweet or overpowering – an excellent all day vape that we’d order again.
  • Monica’s Eyes (4.5/5) – Right up there with Honey Do is Monica’s Eyes, a unique and exotic mixture of cantaloupe, kiwi, and other tropical fruits. This one is a bit difficult to describe since there’s so much going on… sweet cantaloupe and kiwi on inhale, followed by a medley of fruits reminiscent of a pina colada. It’s complex and well-balanced with the right amount of sweetness… one of our favorites from the Uncle Junks e-juice line.
  • Savannah (4/5) – Described as a “simple yet savory blend of peaches & oranges,” Savanah is another tasty fruit mix that’s well-balanced, flavorful and smooth. It’s sweet and mildly creamy, similar to an orange creamsicle, but with a more authentic tangerine flavor and subtle peach undertones that make it different than most orange creamsicle varieties.
  • John Wayne (3.5/5) – The only non-fruit flavored option from the Uncle Junks e-liquid line, John Wayne seems to have a loyal group of dedicated followers, but unfortunately we’re just not big fans of tobacco flavors. With our personal preferences put aside, John Wayne is an RY4-style blend of sweet tobacco mixed with mild hints of vanilla and caramel. It’s certainly smooth and flavorful, with an earthy tobacco inhale mixed with subtle hints of vanilla. It finishes off mildly sweet with caramel and what almost tastes like honey or brown sugar. A complex and flavorful tobacco blend that would probably rate higher if tobacco flavors were our thing.

As you’d expect from a “premium” e-juice company, most of Uncle Junk’s flavors are formulated exceptionally well. There wasn’t one option that was un-vapeable, although the Hard Lemonade was a bit too strong to vape consistently in our opinion. The rest were extremely well-balanced and smooth, with just the right amount of sweetness and enough complexity to keep them interesting.

Each one could easily be vaped all day, but we do have one complaint… THE PRICE. Paying extra for a premium product should be expected, but Uncle Junk’s is priced a bit higher than most of it’s premium competitors. With the exception of Five Pawns e-liquid, one of the most expensive options on the market, you’ll pay a few bucks extra for a bottle of Uncle Junks e-juice. Ultimately you’ll need to decide, but we thought some were worth it, while others could easily be substituted.

Expert Flavor Feedback…

Vanessa Salias Although I’ve tried Monica’s Eyes before (love it!), this was my first experience with the rest of Uncle Junk’s flavors. Overall I was pleased, and since I’m a fan of fruit flavors most of them appealed to my palette. Really enjoyed Honey Do, and Bettie White and Savannah were both decent choices as well. Would I pay $14 for a 15ml bottle? In the case of Honey Do and Monica’s Eyes… that’s a real possibility. The others were good too, but not so good that I’d justify the high price tag. – Vanessa Salias

ABOUT OUR REVIEWS: Since flavor preferences vary and depend various factors, we use multiple members of our team to complete our e-juice reviews. This Uncle Junk’s review was conducted by: Jeremy Salter, Vanessa Salias and Christopher Arthur. Their feedback was gathered, combined and summarized on this page, but please keep in mind that this is the general opinion of our team and should be treated as such. Liquid performance varies depending on the device, and flavor preferences vary for each individual. We strongly suggest that you consider the feedback of others and experiment on your own.

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