Cherry Bomber Mechanical Mod Clones – From $18.06

Cherry Bomber Mod Clones Made by Masterpiece Custom Vapes (MCV) in the Philippines, the Cherry Bomber Mod is an awesome mechanical box mod designed for single or dual 18650 batteries.

The original has an all aluminum body with sliding battery door, brass firing pin with twist lock, adjustable copper contacts, and no wires – meaning minimal voltage drop.

What really sets it apart, though, is the unique and stylish engravings that cover the front and side of the device.

Ironically, one of the engravings says “F#@! ALL CLONERS,” but a variety of Cherry Bomber Mod Clones are now available.

An authentic Cherry Bomber will run close to $300, but Chinese supplier Fast Tech has Cherry Bomber Mod clones available in black, blue, copper, silver and white – starting at $18.06 →

* No special coupon codes are required. Good while supplies last.

Cherry Bomber Mod Clone features:

  • Aluminum (or copper) body with sliding door
  • Brass firing pin
  • Adjustable battery contacts
  • 510 threadding

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  1. I just acquired one of these cherry bomber vapes
    Don’t think it’s complete
    How do I get parts?

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