Disposable vs. Rechargeable E-Cigs

disposable-vs-rechargeable Although we primarily discuss rechargeable e-cigarettes on our website, most companies also produce disposable products that you can buy online – as well as in gas stations and convenience stores. There are a variety of benefits to choosing rechargeable e-cigarettes, but there’s also a few reasons you might want to consider a disposable e-cigarette too. Here are the differences and why you might choose one type over another:

Disposable E-Cigarettes

disposable-e-cigs Disposable e-cigarettes are offered by most of the major electronic cigarette companies and are available almost everywhere – gas stations, smoke shops, convenience stores, etc. They provide a simple and convenient way to enjoy vaping, but are only designed to last a single charge cycle. Typically, one disposable e-cig is equivalent to 1-2 packs of traditional cigarettes, and once it’s finished, you throw it away.

For those that are looking for simplicity and convenience, a disposable e-cigarette is a decent choice, especially if you don’t have access to any other options. Disposables are also a nice way to get a feel for a particular company’s products without actually committing to a more expensive, rechargeable e-cig kit. But keep in mind, it’s much more expensive to purchase disposable e-cigs (over time) and you won’t have nearly as many options in design, flavor, nicotine levels and other features.

Pros of Disposable E-Cigs:

    • Simple and convenient
    • No need to worry about refills or charging
    • Lower upfront costs ($5 to $10 each)

Cons of Disposable E-Cigs:

    • Limited flavor, nicotine and design options
    • Low quality, throw-away product
    • Weak performance when compared to most rechargeables
    • More costly in the long-run

* Many of the companies on our website offer disposable and rechargeable e-cigs (ie: Apollo, Blu, Green Smoke, Halo, V2, etc.)

Rechargeable E-Cigarettes

rechargeable-kit For most vapers, rechargeable e-cigs are the best choice since they perform better, cost less over time and have so many available options. Unlike a disposable, you simply recharge the battery whenever it runs low and refill or replace the cartridge whenever it stops producing vapor. Rather than being limited to whatever flavor is available with a disposable, you can choose from an unlimited array of pre-filled cartridges and e-liquid. If you don’t like a flavor or need to change nicotine levels, it’s easy and cost-effective to switch. Although you’ll pay more upfront for a starter kit, in the long-run the replacement cartridges and e-liquid are much cheaper than buying disposable e-cigs.

In addition to the wider range of flavor and refill options, rechargeable e-cigarettes come in a wide variety of different styles that provide varying levels of convenience and performance. It will be impossible to produce the same type of vapor, throat hit and battery life you can get from a rechargeable e-cigarette kit – especially if you choose larger, higher-end batteries and regulated mods.

Pros of Rechargeable E-Cigs:

    • Lots of options! Multiple designs, flavors, nicotine, etc.
    • Higher-quality product – built to last
    • Much better performance
    • Lower long-term costs ($1 to $2 for refills)

Cons of Rechargeable E-Cigs:

    • Must refill and recharge regularly
    • Advanced versions can be quite complex
    • Higher upfront costs ($30 to $70 per starter kit)

Which Option is Best…

In general, rechargeable e-cigarettes are a better choice for most people since they provide so much flexibility, improved performance and lower long-term costs. But for those that need a convenient quick-fix, or those looking to experiment, a disposable e-cigarette might be an option worth considering. Keep in mind, disposable e-cigs will not perform exactly the same as the rechargeable versions offered by most companies, but a disposable will give you a good idea about the general quality, performance and flavor prior to purchasing a complete kit.

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar David says:

    I like the flavor of BLU classic. The issue is that the recharge is less powerful and flavorful. The disposable has a hole that controls the drag. I would like to use the recharge, but I am not getting the same pleasure out of it. The BLU disposable is much more like the real thing. Thoughts?

    • Avatar Jeremy Salter says:

      Blu’s disposable is definitely different than the rechargeable version. Without the hole that you mentioned, you need to draw more softly on the rechargeable to get the same volume of vapor. This isn’t uncommon, since e-cigs often allow more airflow than traditional cigarettes. If you draw more slowly it should work much better, but it takes some getting used to, especially if you’ve been using the disposable version. Unfortunately, Blu (and other companies) don’t always produce their disposable and rechargeable e-cigarettes exactly the same.

      With that being said, the Blu disposables are very expensive and your options are limited. It might be worth considering a rechargeable setup from another company that will allow you to experiment with lots of different flavors. If you choose something that allows you to refill blank cartridges or tanks, you’ll literally have thousands of choices! You’re sure to find flavors you like, and you’ll save a significant amount of money. And if you choose a larger, more powerful device with a button (manual), you’ll have more control over the draw and the amount of vapor you receive.

      • Avatar Steve says:

        What I do is at the end of your ecig battery hold your finger over or put glue or something to block 1 of the 2 holes. I find holding my finger on the hole to give me bigger rips when I really need it.

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