How to Do Vape Tricks: Mastering the Art of Vapor Magic

Vaping has become more than just an alternative to smoking; it’s evolved into a culture complete with its own set of skills and showmanship.

Vape tricks are a fascinating way to enhance the experience, turning ordinary vapor into an art form. Whether you’re hanging out with friends or at a party, pulling off a few well-executed vape tricks can be both fun and impressive.

For those new to the e-cig game, learning vape tricks starts with understanding your device and the type of vape juice best suited for creating thick, stable vapor.

Key Takeaways

  • Vape tricks can take your vaping experience to an engaging and impressive level.
  • It’s important to start with the basics before attempting more complex techniques.
  • With practice, you can progress from beginner maneuvers to advanced tricks that captivate an audience.

Getting Started with Vape Tricks

Beginners can start with simple tricks like the Ghost Inhale, where you release a ball of vapor and then swiftly suck it back in. As you get more comfortable, you might move on to more complex maneuvers such as rings and the Jellyfish, which really showcase your dexterity and control.

To nail vape tricks, grasp the basics, pick suitable gear, and prioritize safety—all crucial for your success.

Understanding the Basics

You gotta know what you’re doing with that vapor to pull off any cool moves. Practice makes perfect. It’s about controlling the smoke—or rather, the liquid mist—to create those eye-catching effects. Start with basic moves like the Ghost Inhale or the Dragon before tackling more complex tricks.

Choosing the Right Gear

A proper vape pen or vape mod can make or break your trick routine. Look for a device with good vapor production—this generally means choosing one with a high VG (Vegetable Glycerin) content in the juice.

Ideally, you want a blend with less nicotine to practice tricks, as you’ll be vaping a lot. PG (Propylene Glycol) ratio matters too; higher PG can lead to harsher throat hits, which isn’t ideal for practice sessions.

  • Vape Pen: Easier to use, portable, but less vapor production.
  • Vape Mod: Customizable, more vapor production—great for tricks.

Juice Pick: High VG, low or no nicotine.

Safety and Preparation

Before you start puffing rings or writing your name in vapor, keep it safe. Use your electronic cigarette in a well-ventilated area.

Stay hydrated because all that VG can dry out your mouth and throat. Assemble your gear correctly and ensure the batteries are charged and in good condition to prevent mishaps.

Fundamental Vape Tricks

Before diving into tricks, it’s important you know how to manage your vape’s smoke output and practice controlling your inhale and exhale.

The Ghost Inhale

To perform the Ghost Inhale, also known as the “Snap Inhale” or “Mushroom Cloud,” take a long drag and let the smoke linger in your oral cavity. Don’t inhale it into your lungs. Then, push out all the smoke in a ball by opening your mouth slowly and promptly snapping it back in.

  • Key actions:
    • Long drag
    • Linger in mouth
    • Push and snap back


The Dragon makes you appear like a mythical creature by exhaling smoke from both sides of your mouth and your nostrils. Take a deep drag but don’t inhale. When you’re ready, use your tongue to prevent smoke from escaping the middle of your mouth while forcefully exhaling through your nostrils and the corners of your lips.

  • Key actions:
    • Deep drag
    • Tongue position crucial
    • Exhale from nostrils and corners

French Inhale

Also known as the “Irish Waterfall,” the French Inhale involves exhaling smoke from your mouth and inhaling it through your nostrils simultaneously. Let the smoke roll out of your mouth by slightly jutting your lower jaw and inhale sharply through your nose without a pause.

  • Key actions:
    • Exhale through mouth
    • Inhale through nostrils concurrently

Blowing O’s

To blow perfect smoke rings, or “O’s,” you need to tap into your throat control. Keep your tongue flat at the bottom of your mouth, form an O shape with your lips, and release short pulsated puffs of smoke by making a light coughing or tapping motion at the back of your throat.

  • Key actions:
    • Flat tongue
    • O-shaped lips
    • Pulsated throat movements

Advanced Techniques

Vape clouds swirling in intricate patterns, forming rings and shapes, with a sense of movement and skill

Mastering advanced vape tricks requires precision, control, and a bit of flair. Get ready to impress with these complex maneuvers that go beyond the basics.

The Jellyfish

To create a jellyfish, first exhale a large, single smoke ring and then immediately follow it with a smaller puff of vapor. Use your hand to push the second puff through the center of the ring. It will wrap around the ring and form a shape resembling a jellyfish.

  • Steps:
    1. Exhale a thick vape ring.
    2. Quickly exhale a smaller stream of vapor.
    3. Gently push the smaller stream through the ring.

Triangular Tricks

For triangular tricks, you’ll need to manipulate vape rings into triangles. Start with a strong vape ring and then tap the side of the ring in a sequential pattern to create corners and turn it into a triangle.

  • Technique:
    1. Produce a sturdy, well-defined ring.
    2. Tap gently on one side to start morphing the shape.
    3. Continue tapping to define three clear corners.

Vape Bending

Vape bending involves shaping your exhaled vapor in ways that defy the standard flow. To perform a shark bend or vape tornado, you’ll need to direct the flow of vapor with careful hand movements.

  • Shark Bend: Move your hand above the vapor at a sharp angle to cut through and bend it.
  • Vape Tornado: Twist your hand above a flat surface to spiral the vapor into a twisting column.

  • Tips:

    • Keep your hand movements smooth and controlled.
    • Practice bending vapor into different shapes like a lasso or force field.

As you become more comfortable with these advanced techniques, you can experiment with combining them, like following a shark bend with a double or triple vape ring. Remember, tricksters make it look easy, but it’s all about practice and technique.

Creating a Show

When you’re ready to take your vape tricks to the next level, it’s all about combining techniques and visuals to captivate your audience.

Combining Tricks

  • Dragons Breath: Master this by taking a long drag and exhaling forcefully through your nose to appear like a smoky dragon.
  • Tornado Trick: Create a spinning tornado of vapor by flicking your wrist as you release a flat pool of smoke onto a surface.

For a smooth performance, transition between tricks with practiced fluidity. Start with a controlled Mushroom Cloud and, as the room stills, shift into the Atomic Bomb for a dramatic showcase.

Colored Vape and Effects

  • Colored Vape Smoke: Mix different colored LED lights with your vapor to add a vibrant twist.
  • The Waterfall: Infuse a cold temperature with your exhale to create a downward, flowing smoke effect resembling a waterfall.

Utilize ambient lighting to enhance the visibility of your Bubble trick or to cast a mystical aura when performing the Potion move. Remember, the timing and combination of these effects are crucial to amaze your spectators.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’re tackling some common queries to help you get started on your vape trick journey or refine your existing skills.

What are the steps to mastering beginner vape tricks?

To start with beginner vape tricks, the first step is to inhale a good amount of vapor, hold it in your mouth briefly to let it thicken, then practice manipulating the vapor by blowing it out slowly. Begin with simple tricks like the Ghost Inhale or the Dragon.

Which vape tricks are considered the best for impressing your friends?

The Jellyfish, also known as the Force Field, often wows onlookers: produce a large smoke O-ring, then push a smaller cloud of vapor through it to create a jellyfish shape. The Bane Inhale is another impressive trick where vapor looks like it’s flowing from your mouth like Bane’s mask from Batman.

How can you create a waterfall effect with vape smoke?

For the waterfall effect, you’ll need a bottle filled with frozen water. Exhale your vapor into the bottle, then pour it out gently. The vapor cascades out like a slow waterfall due to the cold creating a denser smoke.

What are some popular tricks to do with a disposable vape?

Disposable vapes are handy for tricks on-the-go. Try the French Inhale, where you let vapor flow out of your mouth and inhale it through your nostrils. For something a bit flashier, go for a mini version of the Tornado: exhale vapor onto a flat surface and use your hands to whip it upwards into a twirling motion.

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