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Vapor Fi (formerly Vapor Zone) combines the convenience of online shopping with an extensive line of products from it's chain of brick-and-mortar retail stores. Find a high-quality lineup of vaping gear; from mini, cigarette-style setups to larger, more advanced devices. With nearly 100 unique flavors and a wide range of product choices, Vapor Fi is not your typical e-cigarette company.

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  • Excellent options for beginners and advanced vapers
  • Various devices, battery styles & accessories
  • Wide selection of U.S. made e-juice
  • No-hassle 90-day warranty


  • Kits DO NOT include e-liquid or cartridges (sold separately)
  • Some products a bit expensive

More About Vapor Fi

A subsidiary of International Vapor Group (IVG), Vapor Fi (formerly known as Vapor Zone) is a new concept that ties together an online marketplace with a full chain of brick-and-mortar retail stores. Although IVG also owns South Beach Smoke and Eversmoke brand e-cigs, the Vapor Fi line is much more extensive, with a full range of products for beginners and advanced users.

Vapor Fi offers a complete line of starter kits, from mini, cigarette-style products to a variety of mid-size models and variable voltage setups. In addition, Vapor Fi offers a huge selection of nearly one hundred e-liquid flavors, from traditional menthol and tobacco varieties, to unique and creative choices such as: Cuban Mojito, Frozen Banana, Key Lime Cheesecake, Rum ‘N’ Cherry Cola, Watermelon Zest Candy and many more.

Vapor Fi’s Mini E-Cigarettes

Vapor Zone Mini E-Cigs Like every company featured on our website, Vapor Fi offers their own line of branded, mini e-cigarettes. Their basic setup, the Vapor Fi Express Starter Kit, includes a charger and two cigarette-style batteries (Standard – 180Mah and High-Capacity – 280Mah), but unlike most companies, the kit DOES NOT include cartridges. Since Vapor Fi offers several different refill options, cartridges are sold separately, giving you the flexibility to choose your own delivery system. You can choose from five different pre-filled cartridges, select blanks and fill them with one of dozens of e-liquid flavors, or choose the “Mini-Clear” tanks that are also filled with e-liquid.

We’re not sure why these options aren’t offered directly with the kit, but the website makes it clear that the cartridges are sold separately. Although it’s a little confusing at first, we think it’s a HUGE PLUS that Vapor Fi provides so many options with their mini products, especially when you consider their extensive line of e-liquid flavors. Unless you want to pay extra and settle for pre-filled Tobacco, Menthol, Cherry, Vanilla or Chocolate flavors, we’d highly recommend you purchase blanks or mini clearomizers to expand your flavor options and save money.

Our Favorite Setup – The Pro Starter Kit

Pro Kit Colors The Express Starter Kit is great for anyone that needs something small or for beginners that are hesitant about using something larger than a traditional cigarette, but if you’re looking for the best combination of convenience and performance we highly recommend you consider a mid-size product like VaporFi’s Pro Starter Kit. It incorporates a mid-size 650mAh EVOD-style battery and clearomizer tank, both excellent (and reliable) performers. Similar to the mid-size Ego’s from Apollo, Halo and others, this type of device lasts much longer than a mini and produces stronger, more satisfying vapor. Just fill the tank with your favorite e-liquid, press the button and vape away!

Vapor Fi’s Pro Starter Kit includes one battery, one clearomizer and a charger, but like the Express Kit it DOES NOT include any e-liquid. Search through over 100 unique flavor options from Vapor Fi and purchase it separately, or choose any of your favorite e-liquid vendors.

Great Performance… Like You’d Expect

We had a chance to test both the Express and Pro Starter Kits, and although they’re completely different setups, they performed just like you’d expect from devices in these categories. The Express was a solid performer for a mini, with the smaller 180mAh battery lasting about 150 puffs and the 280mAh lasting close to 200 puffs. Vapor production was impressive, although it paled in comparison the the Pro Kit, which obviously produces thicker, more satisfying clouds of vapor with it’s manually-operated 650mAh battery. Where the Express battery may last you up to half a day (depending on how much you vape), the Pro Kit should easily last a day or longer without a recharge.

In regards to their e-liquid, we experimented with five of Vapor Fi’s 100+ flavors: Blu-Ki-Co-Ninja, Choco-Nana, Godfather, Strawberry Cheesecake and Watermelon Zest Candy. Overall we enjoyed all of their 70/30 PG / VG blends, with Godfather and Strawberry Cheesecake being our favorites. The chocolate in the Choco-Nana tasted a bit artificial, but this seems to be common with many chocolate flavors. All of them provided plenty of vapor, with a mild throat hit (at 6mg nicotine).

Other High-Quality Vapor Fi Devices

Other Vapor Zone Products In addition to the Express and Pro Starter Kits, Vapor Fi also offers the Air, Jet, Pulse and Rebel Starter Kits. Most of these setups are designed for more serious users, featuring larger batteries, digital displays and other advanced features. The Air Starter Kit features a sleek and compact 350mAh battery that’s extremely powerful, yet fits easily within the palm of your hand. The Jet and Pulse Kits include larger 650mAh batteries with digital displays that show battery level, puff counts and more. Finally, the Rebel is the most advanced personal vaporizer from Vapor Fi, a “mod” developed for true vaping aficionados. It features up to 2200mAh of power, telescopic body, huge 3.0ml tank and digital display with VV features.

Great Products, Premium Pricing…

Vapor Fi has a nice selection of products designed for every type of vaper. Their Express and Pro Kits are perfect for beginners, plus they have a variety of advanced setups when you’re ready to take things to the next level. Quality-wise, there’s nothing to complain about with Vapor Fi. Their products preform well and they have a decent 90-day warranty, but the cost is a bit high on some products. For example, the Express Kit isn’t too bad when you factor in cartridges, but the Pro Kit is kind of pricey after you add a bottle of e-liquid. You can get a similar mid-size setup from Apollo or Halo for about the same price, with an extra battery and tank included. Otherwise, VaporFi has some excellent products and their e-liquid choices are endless. Plus, earn 1 point for every $1 you spend in the “Vapor Rewards” program and essentially earn 10% back on all your purchases. Visit Vapor Fi →