Limitless Mod, Sleeve & RDA Bundle – From $177.43

Limitless Mod Bundle Deal Looking for a customizable, authentic mechanical mod? The Limitless Mod is an outstanding device that can be customized to your personal tastes.

Simply select the body of your choice (aluminum, brass or copper), then choose from dozens of unique Limitless Mod sleeves to complete your setup. The company also offers the

Limitless Atty RDA, a precision machined rebuildable with a 3-post design for various build configurations. It has a 7mm juice well, adjustable AFC and ties in perfectly with Limitless Mod components.

The Limitless Mod is an innovative, high-quality mech mod; allowing you to create a personalized setup that stands out from the crowd. You can purchase body, sleeve and RDA separately, but you’ll save when you bundle them.

Limitless Mod features:

  • Affordable and fully customizable
  • Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA
  • Limitless Mod body available in aluminum, brass, copper and platinum
  • Numerous replaceable sleeves for a unique look and feel
  • Revolutionary 4 point button rail system
  • Direct battery to atty connection for minimal voltage drop
  • One piece contact button

Limitless Atty RDA features:

  • Color and design matched to Limitless Sleeves
  • 3-post design
  • Adjustable and wide-open AFC options
  • Phillips-head post screws (large negative and extra-large positive)
  • True square centerpost with flat-build capable coil port
  • True square insulator
  • Brass centerpost
  • Milled and undercut negative posts
  • 7mm juice well
  • Adjustable copper 510 centerpin
  • Innovative O-ring to secure pin

Limitless Mod Video Review by GrimmGreen:

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