Naked 100 E-Liquid Deal – $10.95 for 60ml

naked-100-eliquid-vape-deal Every month or so it seems like a new vendor is offering some type of deal on Naked 100 e-liquid. It’s become so dang popular… everyone is trying to compete for your business! Since there are several online vendors selling it well below retail right now, we thought we should let you know where to find the best deals on Naked 100 e-juice. Manufactured by Schwartz, Naked 100 has quickly become one of the best selling e-juice brands on the market. They have a number of outstanding fruit-flavors, as well as a variety of menthol, tobacco, candy and dessert flavors – at 0, 3 and 6mg nicotine.

We’ve tried most of Naked 100’s e-juice, and other than a few exceptions, it’s definitely well-crafted and tasty. If you haven’t tried Naked 100 e-liquid for yourself yet (or just want to restock on some of your favorite flavors), you can get a great deal at US vendor Ejuice Connect for just $10.99 per 60ml bottle. Or, get a slightly better price of just $10.95 per 60ml bottle at →

* Expiration of Naked 100 e-liquid deals unknown. Good while supplies last.

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