High Quality Mod Clone vs. Cheap Knockoff: Buyer Beware!

Quality Mod Clones vs. Cheap Knockoffs Vape shop owners are finding themselves in a tough position as the popularity of vaping skyrockets. There’s rent to pay, inventory to purchase and employees to keep happy. And in an industry where competition is fierce and profit margins are slim, they often have to make a choice between offering authentic, brand name vaping gear or lower cost mod clones and cheap knockoffs.

Providing low cost alternatives isn’t necessarily a bad thing; especially considering the extremely high price tag on some authentic vaping equipment. Whether the decision to carry clones is based upon a business strategy, or GREED, cloned vaping products are the answer for many vape shop owners, and there are pros and cons that each vaper must consider when shopping for a device.

Vape Clones Vs. Knockoffs

For those new to vaping or unfamiliar with the lingo and terminology, a clone is a copy of an original (higher priced) mod, tank, RDA, or other piece of equipment. With clones, it’s tough to tell the difference from the authentic version, and it could operate just as good, or perhaps even better than the original. In many cases the same factory that produces the original, also produces the clone.

But there’s another type of copy out there, and this one’s a little a bit harder to define: THE KNOCKOFF. While at first glance a knockoff device may look similar to the item it’s intended to duplicate, once you take a closer look it’s obvious that the design, materials and quality are different.

It’s a fine line that’s gotten at least one retail vape shop into hot water. In April of this year, Homeland Security agents raided A Plus Vapors of Battavia, NY for allegedly selling fake products from China. But why would they even think about selling a knockoffs? Increased sales… more profits!

The Best Clones Aren’t Cheap

Best Cheap Vape Clones Knockoffs are big business for some vape shops – and on sites like eBay and elsewhere around the Web. Lets use Flawless’ popular Tugboat Mod as an example. From Flawless itself, you’re looking at upwards of $100 through an authorized reseller like VaporDNA. eBay, though, has pages of significantly lower cost clones and knockoffs available: I was able to find Tugboat mod clones for less than $30! Chinese supplier Fast Tech has them for even less. That’s a big difference in price, and it’s certainly enticing for anyone on a tight budget.

Cost is one of the biggest factors in the decision making process, myself included. I for one prefer a good quality mod clone. One of my favorites is the Grand Vapor Private V2 Clone, and you can’t tell much difference between it and the $140 real deal. It was half the price, and it’s such a good copy that I have most of the same problems that authentic users have, right down to the firing button issue.

But there are plenty of awful knockoffs of the Grand Vapor Private V2 mod out there as well, including one that sells on Fast Tech for less than $12. I saw a similar knockoff mod first hand at a vape meet, and it was pretty atrocious. The construction was horrible with lots of imperfections and poor quality materials, and there is no warranty on the device at all, except for a vague return policy.

These shady online sellers get vape shop owners enraged, especially since some customers expect the same low cost deals on the higher quality mods found in their vape shops. Jason Dellen, owner of Lancaster Steamworks in Lancaster, PA had this to say about the subject:

My frustration is people trying to price match an unauthorized third party vendor of products sight unseen with voided factory warranties and lackluster return policies, with that of a business who buys through authorized distribution channels, preserving the factory warranty, with much looser return policies and tangible in-store displays.

How to Buy a Good Mod Clone

Jason illustrates some valid points to consider when shopping for a device. So what should you keep in mind when looking for a cloned vape product?

  • Clones aren’t a bad thing. As mentioned, I own several myself. If you have the opportunity to see a mod clone in person, do it. Although you may not be able to compare it to the real thing at the same time, just feeling it in your hand and giving it a once over will prevent headaches later on. Clones are a cheaper way to get the mod you want without breaking the bank.
  • Touch it, feel it, take it apart. One of the best things about buying in a vape shop is the fact that you can see what you’re buying before you hand over your money. Don’t be afraid to take it apart and inspect the components. I’d also suggest getting familiar with the authentic mod before stepping into a store. This way you’ll be able to spot the differences and pinpoint potential problems before you get stuck with it.
  • Know your seller. Don’t let my previous tips discourage you from buying from an online vape store. There are legitimate online retailers offering high-quality authentic and cloned products. With that being said, do your research. Does the website list them as an authorized reseller? What is their return policy? Do they offer warranty service? Can you easily give someone a call? Read reviews about the seller, and their products.
  • Price is not everything. There’s an old saying: if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. This definitely applies to clones. I’ve already given you two examples of some pretty dramatic differences in price between authentic mods, clones, and knockoffs. There’s no way to get around it, a good mod clone is going to cost you a bit, depending on the model. Plus, the first things to go in a cheap mod are the warranty and service.

Don’t get me wrong, you can buy the cheapest mod clone available, replace it multiple times… and it will still cost significantly less than the original; but is it worth all the hassles?

Personally, I would prefer to pay a little extra and avoid the headaches associated a cheap knockoff. Some of the clones include the Hex Ohm, DNA 40, Kennedy RDA V2, Rail, Vapor Flask and the Warrior, Any vendors selling these products will proudly display the maker’s name, otherwise it’s probably a cheap copy.

And then there’s the moral dilemma about buying a clone at all. Although I can certainly see why this is an issue for some, at the moment I just can’t justify paying $100+ for an authentic mod.

What do you think? Are clones OK? What do you look for and where do you shop? Please share…

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  1. Avatar Terri says:

    This is another buyer beware! Well known Fast Tech sold me an eleaf 50w clone, it was junk from day one. Seeing as they accept Paypal I felt more confident buying
    from them should I encounter any problems. I will tell you this is so far from true. They did nothing to refund my money or replace the item, so I filed a dispute with Paypal, after which Fadt Tech asked me to return the item’s (aother defective device as well ) but they insisted due to time measures I return in to their US warehouse in Florida, which I did , I had pictures of the issues and kept all email correspondence as well as shipping receipts. Here’s the problem, when it comes to Paypals policy requires the items to be sent back to the address of origin. So clearly they knew this and voided the refund policy.So if your asked to return your items to a different address/ country from the original location it was shipped from, don’t do it!
    I am posting this for others who may be unaware of this scam and how to avoid it.
    Fast Tech gave me a ultimatum, that if I dropped my dispute with Paypal only then would they replace the items. Blackmail is what this is, and they cannot be trusted to stand behind their products as well as customers. I’m out my products as well as my money. In conclusion the mod was stated as a clone, yet it was nothing close in quality to others I’ve purchased elsewhere.
    So buy in the US so your not waiting near a month to find out you’ve been ripped off.
    It’s worth paying the extra money. I learned the hard way.

    • We’ve ordered from Fast Tech numerous times and have had no major issues, but you should always be wary when ordering from China. International shipping and customs can certainly delay items, and it’s not uncommon for stuff to go missing. We waited almost 8 weeks to get an item from Gear Best and nobody could seem to figure out where it was… until one day it just randomly showed up. They ended up sending us a replacement during all of the confusion, so we ended up getting a second item for free!

      Even though we’ve never had an issue with Fast Tech, you’re not the first person we’ve heard complain about them and other Chinese vendors. Besides the fact that international shipping has inherent issues, the language barrier doesn’t help with communications either; and the quality of “clones” is always in question when you can’t see it, touch it, feel it… or even call someone.

      In their defense, sometimes items just fail or are faulty. And why would a company send you a replacement item if you had a Paypal dispute in-place? If you win the dispute, you’ll get your money back, so I wouldn’t send a replacement either until that was dropped.

      And thanks for the info on Paypal’s return policy. Didn’t know they required items to be sent back to the address of origin… NOTE TAKEN 😉

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