Vamo V5 Mod Review

Vamo V5 Review The Vamo V5 is a reasonably priced APV loaded with great features; including variable voltage, variable wattage, ohm meter, battery voltage indicator and more. I purchased the Vamo V5 several months ago because it was highly regarded by fellow vapers and it’s quickly become one of my daily, go-to devices. Sold in brushed stainless or black chrome, you can’t beat the $50-$60 price tag and it’s one of the most simple-to-use, hassle-free VV/VW APVs on the market.

The latest mod from Vamo, the V5 combines all the best features of the Vamo V2 and V3 (2 + 3 = 5!), including the same smooth body style of the Vamo V2 and the improved electronics and OLED screen of the V3. In addition, the top cap can be unscrewed and removed (like the V3) to enable an even wider range of gear to fit the device, making it very flexible and easy to clean.

Product Details

Regulated APV
Device Type:
3.0V – 6.0V
5.0W – 15.0W
18350 or 18650
Cell Type:
510 / Ego

*Price: Vapor DNA ($48), Henley ($80 Kit)

Construction & Design

Appearance wise, I love the look of the Vamo V5 which has a traditional “tube mod” shape with a sleek and clean casing. Unlike some e-cig mods that can be overly engineered and kind of gaudy looking in my opinion, the Vamo V5 mod has a minimalist appeal with just three slightly elevated buttons and an integrated OLED screen right in the center. Other than the circular divots in the top cap and the small gap between sections, there are no visible markings, logos or other unnecessary visual modifications.

For a $60 APV the Vamo V5 is surprisingly well-designed, and although it’s not telescoping, it includes an extra tube extension that allows you to use either 18350 or 18650 batteries. With a single 18350 cell the device is relatively small size-wise, but throw in an 18650 (or two 18350s) this thing is a behemoth! If carrying around a light saber isn’t your thing, a single 18350 will do the job, but you may need to carry a spare if you’re venturing away from home for more than 5-6 hours.

Vamo V5 Mod I’ve heard some people complain about the 510/Ego connector being “weak” or loose fitting with some accessories, but so far I’ve had zero problems and it seems to work fine with virtually every type of clearomizer I’ve tried. No problem with my EVODs, old CE4s, Protank 2/3 or my favorite, the Nautilus. The only minor issue that I’ve found with the v5 is the slightly elevated buttons. Although it doesn’t happen often, it’s possible to inadvertently press them in your pocket without knowing it, so if you don’t turn the device off before tucking it away you could accidentally alter your voltage / wattage settings and a quick re-adjustment may be necessary.

Device Operation & Performance

For me, the simplicity of the Vamo V5 mod is it’s strongest point and the controls are about as straightforward and easy-to-use as any device on the market. There are three buttons – the main firing button and two smaller buttons for adjusting various controls. Use the two buttons individually for adjusting the voltage or wattage settings up and down. Hold down the left button to see battery voltage and the right for a resistance readout. To get into the system options hold both buttons down, then scroll with the left and select with the right. It’s quick and easy to figure out, and the horizontal screen allows you to make simple adjustments with the V5 in the upright position.

As mentioned, I’ve tried several different clearomizer setups with the V5 and it preforms exceptionally well, especially with standard resistance (1.8-2 ohm) clearomizers. I prefer using just one 18350 battery, which provides nice thick, warm vapor, but with two batteries installed you may want a higher resistance atomizer since it’s easier to accidentally burn up low resistance coils.

Vamo V5 Ratings


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*Price: Vapor DNA ($48), Henley ($80 Kit)

My Opinion of the Vamo V5

The Vamo V5 mod is a great device, and when you consider it costs $30-$50 less than comparable APVs in this category, it makes it even better! It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s certainly a great performer and I have no major complaints so far. I love the simple, minimalist appearance and it feels especially sturdy and comfortable in my hand. I’d prefer to see some flush mount or rounded buttons so they weren’t so easy to inadvertently activate, but this was a rare occurrence and not a major problem for me with my baggy jeans / shorts. If it’s going to be tucked away for a while just turn the device off, and if you do accidentally press a button it’s quick and easy to readjust.

I prefer the V5 in single 18350 mode, which keeps the device small, but be prepared to carry a backup battery if you’re away from home for long. If you need more life you can use two 18350s or an 18650, but then it becomes a BEAST and it’s by no means discreet. Overall, the Vamo V5 is one of the best low-cost APVs on the market (big or small) and is definitely worth the price…

Vapor DNA offers the Vamo V5 Mod for $48, but with tank, batteries and charger it will run closer to $100. Henley Vape offers a Vamo V5 kit with everything you need (two CE4 clearomizers, two standard 18350 batteries, and a charger) for just $80. Apply coupon code “HENLEY15” at checkout it will drop the price to just $68. If you’re willing to wait 2-3 weeks for shipping from China, you’ll find the lowest prices on the Vamo V5 at Fast Tech.

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