Smoktech SID Mod Review

Smoktech SID Review The Smoktech SID is a reasonably-priced VV/VW mod aimed at the budget-minded vaper who isn’t willing to spend a fortune to achieve the perfect vape.

It may lack the telescoping body, additional battery tubes, USB port and other advanced features of some devices, but it has all the tools you’ll need to customize and control your experience. Personally, I’m all for simplicity and the Smoktech SID definitely fits the bill. Give me variable voltage and wattage functions, a 510/Ego port, a basic, simple-to-use OLED screen in a clean, visually appealing package and I’m sold.

Like the Vamo V5, the simple, straight-forward appearance of the Smoktech SID is what originally attracted me to this device. I’ll pass on the overly engineered, Star Wars light saber-looking products! Although I can definitely appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into options like the Innokin iTaste 134 or SVD, I prefer something a little more basic. The OLED screen is virtually invisible on the black SID, blending right into the body. And with just a single, one-button control it doesn’t get more straight-forward or easy-to-use.

Product Details

Regulated APV
Device Type:
3.0V – 6.0V
3.0W – 15.0W
Cell Type:
510 / Ego

*Price: $50

Construction & Design

The Smoktech SID features a two-piece, aluminum design, with the electronics housed in the top, connected to a single 18650 battery tube. A silver beauty ring hides the 510/Ego connector and provides a nice contrast to the body, with a wide enough opening to fit most 510 and Ego atomizers.

The only “stylized” features of the SID are the three ridges that wrap around the center of the device and the VW (variable wattage?) emblem located on the button. Some SIDs have an “SID” logo printed on the battery tube, but it wasn’t included on mine.

The entire body is made from oxidized aluminum (silver, black, blue, hot pink and others), providing a surprisingly lightweight feel for an 18650 APV. The reduced weight may lead some people to believe that it’s less sturdy or robust than other mods, but it seemed to hold up just fine for me. I definitely appreciated the lightweight feel, making it less cumbersome to carry around in my pocket and perfect for all-day, on-the-go vaping.

Smoktech SID Mod At first, I was originally turned off by the fact that the Smoktech SID was only compatible with 18650 batteries, but after a quick online search, I realized that additional battery tubes were available for 18350 and 18500 cells.

At about $10 a pop, it quickly changed my opinion because upgrade options were readily available and I could make adjustments if necessary. Many people prefer larger, 18650 cells because of the exceptionally long run time, but I prefer 18350s to keep my devices small and lightweight.

Sure, 18650s last longer, but an 18350 normally lasts me an entire day, and if I’m in doubt, I can easily carry a backup if I’m away from home for long.

Device Operation & Performance

The Smoktech SID includes all of the features you’d expect from an advanced personal vaporizer: digital OLED display, variable voltage (3.0–6.0V with 0.1V increments), variable wattage (3.0–15.0W with 0.5W increments), atomizer/cartomizer resistance, battery voltage, output voltage and more. It’s one button-click menu system operates almost exactly like the Smoktech ZMAX, so if you’re familiar with this device you’ll have no problem using the SID.

Smoktech SID w/ Protank II and 18350 Tube All of the menu options are accessed by the number of button presses: three presses gets you to the main menu and then one press allows you to cycle you through each option. After you enter a menu and wait a second, you can use the button to adjust the settings. It’s certainly quick and easy to figure out, although it takes several presses (and a little more time) to access menus and readouts compared to other devices with multipe buttons.

During my testing, I primarily used my daily, go-to clearomizer – a Protank II with a 1.8 ohm dual bottom coil. It worked as expected and provided reliable performance throughout the day, with no major issues or complaints. Just for the heck of it I hooked up some EVODs and CE4 clearmomizers, but they didn’t work as smoothly.

Not sure if I accidentally depressed the center pin with my Protank, but a couple the clearos worked fine, while others wouldn’t fire at all. After I tweaked the center pin with the edge of a knife, I eventually got all the tanks to work, but the well seems kind of deep and the Ego connectors were a little fussy. It might have been my fault, and it doesn’t appear to be a common issue, so don’t over tighten your tanks!

My Opinion of the Smoktech SID

The Smoktech SID has been out for a while now, and even though it’s not the newest APV on the market, I was drawn to it because of it’s simplicity and clean design. It has most of the same features as other devices on the market (VV/VW, OLED screen, digital readouts, etc.), but it lacks some of the extra bells and whistles and overly aggressive design cues.

I don’t need a USB port to use it as a pass through and I don’t care about special software to track my vaping habits (ie: the Evic). To me, just give me the basics in a simple, attractive package and I’m satisfied. The Smoktech SID accomplishes these objectives, and it does it at a reasonable price.

Personally, I prefer using smaller 18350 batteries (instead of 18650) so it’s unfortunate that the Smoketech SID doesn’t include extra battery tubes, but numerous vendors carry aftermarket products for the SID and I was quick to pickup a shorter 18350 battery tube from Vapor Kings to make it even smaller. I appreciate the lightweight feel in 18350 mode, and it isn’t too bad with an 18650 either.

The Smoktech SID is a reliable performer with all the necessary features you’d expect from an advanced vaping device. With a one-button control, the interface takes a little time to get used to and it may not be as feature-filled as some mods, but that’s the sacrifice you make for simplicity. If you’d like to avoid overly complex APVs or a big price tag, the Smoktech SID is a great choice.

Many vendors are sold out of the now discontinued Smoktech SID.

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