Zamplebox Review

Zamplebox Review

It’s only our second month with Zamplebox, and already things have changed.

About a week after my initial review, Zamplebox completely overhauled its member portal.

These changes allow you to give more feedback on the juices you receive, which in turn is supposed to allow Zamplebox to more accurately match your preferences.

The result? Less complaints about bad flavors, and higher customer satisfaction. Read on for more info!

Zamplebox System Updates

Zamplebox System Screenshot In most aspects, the Zamplebox system remains unchanged. You still pick from 4 major flavor categories, but the new system allows you to either like, dislike, or favorite juices as you go. That information on likes and dislikes is gathered and analyzed and to some extent crowd-sourced. If others get the same juice and you both like it, what other juices did they like? If those juices match your flavor profile (which isn’t going away), there’s a higher chance you’ll receive that particular juice.

So how do you use the new system? I personally recommend that you don’t dislike any juice that you don’t care for, but also don’t hate. The way the system seems to work, it could cause you to receive no juices with that particular flavor profile. I had two juices that were okay, but I didn’t hate them. I just left them unrated.

A note on flavor profiles: if you signed up following my original review, make sure you’re going into your member portal and entering at least 15 flavors you like and dislike. Zamplebox says it needs at least this to accurately gauge your flavor preferences. I’ve done so (although I only have about five flavor types I dislike), and the extra work definitely showed in my box this month.

Anyways, back to the new system. You’ll also notice a “favorite” option for rating juices. If you find a new all day vape, you can actually let Zamplebox know it’s a favorite. This will trigger the system to tell packers to put this juice in your box as often as possible. The option will eventually cost $5 extra per month, but Zamplebox currently allows early members to add favorites for free.

I’m very excited about this change. They’ve also (finally) given an option for a preference for high VG liquid, which was something I missed addressing in the first review. As a sub-ohm guy, higher VG liquids just work better (read: better cloud production). The first box had too much in the way of 50/50 liquid for my tastes, but this second box has higher VG ratios, so I’m leaving it off for now. Zamplebox does warn it may limit your juice selection if this is checked, though.

If you’re a member, be sure to take advantage of these new features as you’ll be much happier in the end. But let’s get onto what was in our box this month:

Lots and Lots of Fruity Flavors

Second Zample Box Shipment
If I could label my Zamplebox from this month, the title listed above is probably the best description. It’s actually my preference too: I prefer a good fruit vape over anything else. In fact, my favorite all day vape is a fruit flavor. There were a few dessert-like vapes in this box as well, but still more fruity than anything else. Another surprise? Local shops! Was this by design? Who knows…

  • Nate’s Nectar by Keystone Vapor (5/5): The first of two local shops that made their way into my Zamplebox this month. Keystone Vapor is more known locally here for its attempt at a Birch Beer flavor (a Pennsylvania Dutch region staple), but Nate’s Nectar is equally good. Notes of honeydew, peach, pear, and berry flavors mixed together perfectly. On the exhale you get a watermelon Bubble Yum taste… and it’s good!
  • Opacus by Phat Clouds (5/5): I have to admit that I was a little worried about this one. Lemon can be overpowering and doesn’t always play well. Not here, though. Opacus is described as a “strawberry sweet tea lemonade,” and it’s pretty close. The strawberry and sweet tea mute the lemon taste enough to make it suitable as an all day vape. Out of the six Zamplebox juices this month, this one was right up there at the top, that’s for sure.
  • Tiger by Crushing (3.5/5): Crushing’s Tiger is described as a sweet berry and melon flavor with a little bit of cream. I’m not so sure that it’s exactly as advertised, though. The fruit was mild, and the cream was strong. Seemed like they were fighting against each other rather than complementing. It’s not bad, but not my favorite. Maybe a little steeping will help…
  • Undead by Venom (3/5): Billed as a “kiwi and strawberry blend,” I had high hopes for this Venom. My all day vape is Kiwiberry Carousel by Lancaster Steamworks. Undead doesn’t come close. Where Kiwiberry Carousel balances these flavors well — maybe through better quality flavoring — Venom’s version is tart and a bit harsh. Again, I didn’t hate it, but it could be better.
  • Walrus by Must Vape (4.5/5): The shocker in this month’s box! Zamplebox teased this flavor in a promotional email shortly before it shipped, and I was worried by the description. It has a hint of mint combined with watermelon and strawberries. I generally dislike mint and menthol flavors, since they remind me of toothpaste. This was good, though. Together, the flavors reminded me of Watermelon bubblegum. Definitely a must try.
  • Whoopie by Sabor Vapors (5/5): The second juice from a local shop, in only two short years Sabor Vapors has developed a strong reputation for extremely flavorful products (including a jelly donut flavor that almost makes your teeth hurt!) Whoopie is another first class choice, described as blueberries and strawberries mixed with vanilla cream. A great dessert vape, it’s certainly creamy and delicious. From what I’ve seen across social media, Sabor Vapors is getting rave reviews from Zampleboxers already, and it’s only been in these boxes for a month. I’m not surprised.

Overall, the second box is very close to my preferences. It’s a definite improvement over my Zamplebox from last month. It may be the changes to my flavor preferences that helped, I’m not sure. The new system came in too late for me to believe that my like/dislikes made any difference, but I’m excited to see what next month brings with my juice likes and dislikes factored in.

Zamplebox is going in the right direction! Stay tuned for more info!

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