Beyond The Bottlez E-Liquid Deal – 120ml for $8.00!!!

Beyond The Bottlez E-Liquid Deal So this is the first time we’ve heard of Beyond The Bottlez e-liquid, but we had to share this awesome deal from For a limited time, you can get a 120ml bottle for only $8.00! It doesn’t get much cheaper than that! We’re not sure if their e-juice is good or not, but the reviews seem to be generally positive and they have four interesting flavor profiles: Blackout (raspberry / blackberry candy) Pearly Gates (strawberry custard), Power Trip (watermelon coconut candy) and Skitz-O-Fritz (flavor-changing Skittles candy).

Once again, we can’t vouch for Beyond The Bottlez e-liquid, but it’s hard to pass up 120ml for only $8.00. The flavor profiles definitely sound appealing, but you’ll have to judge that for yourself. If you’d like to give Beyond The Bottlez e-juice a shot, just visit and grab a bottle for $8.00 (no coupon necessary) →

* Expiration of this e-juice deal is unknown. Good while supplies last.

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