Premium Vapes Review

Starting at $49.95

Premium Vapes offers a fully customizable line of mini electronic cigarettes, with over 20 different colors and a variety of custom battery designs. Start off with something small and simple, or upgrade to a larger, more powerful eGo-style setup. Premium Vapes has a huge selection of flavors and various addon accessories, along with other unique products such as e-cigars, e-pipes and mods.

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  • Stylish batteries and lots of customization options
  • Nice performing mini e-cigarettes
  • Larger eGo-style model available
  • 20 prefilled cartridge flavors


  • No e-liquid or refillable blanks
  • Quite expensive

More About Premium Vapes

Premium Vapes, based out of Virginia Beach, VA, was established in 2008 and is known for their wide assortment of designer electronic cigarettes. Unlike most e-cigarette companies, Premium Vapes offers a fully customizable line of mini e-cigs, as well as larger eGo-style setups and other unique products such as electronic cigars and e-pipes. They even carry mods…

When it comes to their main line of electronic cigarettes, what really sets Premium Vapes apart is their full range of customizable batteries. They offer one of the most extensive lines of mini batteries on the market – with over 20 different colors choices, as well custom designs with unique inlay patterns such as: American Flag, Disco, Circuit Board, Fireworks, Roses and more.

Premium Vapes’ Mini E-Cigarettes

We love Premium Vapes’ huge selection of batteries and unique customization options, but “looks” are only a small part of the story. Overall, we found that Premium e-cigarettes performed quite well compared to other mini e-cigs, with plenty of vapor and a nice throat hit. They may not be an absolute top performer like V2 or Green Smoke, but we weren’t disappointed by Premium’s e-cigs either. As with most products in this category, they’re a perfect intro into vaping, great for novices or light to moderate smokers.

Premium offers several different starter kits in their mini e-cig line, each with slightly more products and features. Their base kit includes just one battery, five cartridges and a charger. This may be a great way to get started, but if you’re a regular smoker you’ll probably need at least two batteries and should upgrade to their PR110 Starter Kit which has an additional battery and everything else you need. If you upgrade further to their PR111 line, you’ll get slightly larger, longer-lasting batteries, and each option can be upgraded to include their custom designed batteries for an additional cost.

A Quick Performance Overview

Premium Vapes Variety Pack Premium Vapes offers either PR110 (3.9″) or PR111 (4.2″) batteries with their mini products, which are exactly the same other than length and battery life. You can expect 100-150 puffs (about 1/2 a cartridge) with the smaller battery and 150-200 puffs with the larger version (about 3/4 a cartridge) before they need to be recharged. This is pretty standard for batteries of this size, and they’re not a whole lot different than the “cigalike” batteries from other companies. They do offer a whole bunch of flavor options (20+) that you won’t find elsewhere, such as Blueberry, Caramel, Irish Cream, Peach, Pear and Watermelon, or you can stick with more traditional flavors such as Tobacco, Menthol, Cherry or Vanilla. We enjoyed quite a few of their unique flavor choices, and Premium Vapes even allows you to “Make Your Own Variety Pack” so you can pick-and-choose which flavors you want to sample.

Other Products From Premium Vapes

If you’re looking for stronger, longer-lasting performance, then Premium’s Ego Starter Kit is a slightly larger setup for more serious users. The kit includes one 4.2V, 650mAH Ego battery, charger, carrying case and two flavor cartomizers. It comes in an excellent assortment of colors, provides thicker, richer vapor and will last around four times longer than a smaller PR110 battery. Unlike many Ego devices, Premium’s version incorporates cartomizers rather than refillable clearomizers or tanks, so it’s super easy to use and fully interchangeable with their 20+ flavor cartridges. We love Ego devices! They’re perfect for beginners, as well as more experienced e-cig users.

In addition, Premium Vapes offers a cleverly designed “Vape Master” e-pipe that incorporates the same replacement cartridges used with their mini e-cigs and Ego products. Choose from any of their 20+ flavors at various nicotine levels. For the cigar connoisseur, Premium Vapes’ e-cigar is intricately crafted to look and feel like the real thing. It’s rechargeable cigar body can be matched up with their Red or Black Label e-cigar cartomizers, offering strong and robust flavor.
Other Products from Premium

Lots of Customization Options – A Bit Pricey

When it comes to personalizing your e-cig, Premium Vapes has one of the widest selections of customization options around. Choose from 20 different colors and a variety of ultra-cool custom battery designs that you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, they offer a huge selection of flavors and tons of upgrade and accessory options, along with an excellent 1-year warranty.

Although they preform quite well and can be fully customized, Premium Vapes’ products are definitely on the expensive side when compared to other companies. Their most affordable (PR110) kit costs $49.95 and includes just one battery, while similar products from other companies are in $30-$40 range. The Ego Starter Kit is priced at $79.95 and includes a single battery, but you can find similar setups from other companies (ie: Apollo and Halo) for the same price with two batteries and more. In addition, they don’t offer e-liquids or blank cartridges / tanks to refill your device.

For a personalized setup that stands out from the crowd, Premium Vapes is an excellent choice. They have some of the most unique mini e-cigs on the market an a tasty selection of flavors, but if you’re looking for value and more flexibility, you may need to search elsewhere. Visit Premium →