Kanger SubTank Colored O-Rings – Just $1.93 (10-Pack)

colored-kanger-subtank-o-rings The Kanger SubTank is an extremely popular sub-ohm tank, but some vapers just aren’t thrilled with the standard, red-colored o-rings that give it, along with the Subtank Nano and Mini, their distinct look. If you’d like to personalize your setup with a different accent color, these colored Kanger Subtank O-Rings will do the job nicely. Simply disassemble your Subtank and replace the standard red o-rings with the new colored o-rings of your choice – black, blue, purple, clear or white.

Available for the Standard Subtank, Subtank Mini and Subtank Nano, get a 10-pack of colored Subtank o-rings for a steep discount at Fast Tech. It’s much cheaper than buying them individually, plus you get free shipping (2-3 weeks from China).

* No special coupon code is required. Good while supplies last.

Kanger Sub Tank O-Ring specs:

  • Made from Silicone
  • Set of 10 O-Rings
  • Subtank O-Ring Size: 25*20.5mm, 25*18.5mm, 18*16mm
  • Subtank Mini O-Ring Size: 22*18mm, 22*16.5mm, 18*15.5mm
  • Subtank Nano O-Ring Size: 17*13.5mm, 16.5*13mm, 12*9mm

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