Leave Our E-Cigarette Flavors Alone!

E-Cigarette Flavor Data

Sweet & Fruity Flavors Preferred by ADULTS

As if vapers didn’t already know that fruit and dessert flavors were appealing to adults, another new survey shows that adults prefer sweet e-cigarette flavors over the more traditional choices, such as tobacco and menthol. The survey, conducted by E-Cigarette Forum, included more than 10,000 adult members and found that three-quarters preferred non-traditional e-cigarette flavors, including fruit flavors (31%), bakery/dessert flavors (19%), and savory/spicey flavors (5%).

This is no surprise to those of us in the vaping community, but senators like Jay Rockefeller, Democrat from West Virginia, feel that the use of sweet and fruity flavors is “conclusive evidence” that electronic cigarette companies are targeting children and trying to hook them on nicotine. Mr. Rockefeller and some of his colleagues are pushing for harsh restrictions, the most worrisome being the elimination of some of the most popular e-cigarette flavors, which he considers “juvenile.”

Flavor Variety Helps Smokers Quit

Any adult vaper can attest to the appeal of these so-called “juvenile” flavors, and research suggests that flavor variety may actually help smokers kick the habit. The varieties that top most adult’s lists are overwhelmingly SWEET and FRUITY blends, something that Mr. Rockefeller seems to ignore:

“I am an adult,” said the West Virginia Democrat. “Would I be attracted to Cherry Crush, Chocolate Treat, Peachy Keen, Vanilla Dreams? No, I wouldn’t.”

Apparently the 77-year old senator is out of touch. The survey from E-Cigarette Forum found that only 22% of participants preferred tobacco flavors, and just 3% menthol. That means 75% of adult e-cigarette users prefer flavors other than traditional cigarette flavors, including fruits, desserts, candies and other varieties that the senator finds unappealing. 65% of those surveyed by ECF consider these flavors “important or very important” factors in their ability to quit smoking.

And the survey provides further evidence that electronic cigarettes are a successful quit-smoking aid, a proposition that Rockefeller and other critics question. 89% percent of the respondents reported that they had smoked at least 10 cigarettes a day before using e-cigarettes, but 88% said they were no longer smokers. This isn’t the first survey to show that electronic cigarettes help smokers kick the habit, and it certainly won’t be the last. See a complete list of e-cigarette studies →

E-Cigs Appeal To Smokers Of All Ages

Critics continue to point to the growing use by teens as proof that they’re purposely being targeted, but the fact is e-cigarette use has grown at the same rate for adults, more than doubling from 2010 to 2011. Apparently it’s not just teens who are attracted to the benefits of electronic cigarettes, and teens who are experimenting with e-cigarettes are overwhelmingly smokers. Isn’t the goal to help people quit and reduce their exposure to tar and harmful toxins? It seems to me that the mass appeal of e-cigs is beneficial, and kids are not the only ones being drawn to these helpful devices.

No one is condoning e-cigarette use by teens, but leave our e-cigarette flavors alone! Not only do adults enjoy these flavors, but they’re an important reason why electronic cigarettes are so effective at smoking cessation. No one is stopping beer and alcohol companies from producing apple-flavored ciders and dessert-inspired liquor drinks, so why should electronic cigarettes be treated any differently? Enforce age restrictions, but don’t limit the choices of responsible adults! We enjoy tasty flavors just as much as kids and they help us avoid the nasty, deadly alternative.

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