The Long Awaited Provari Radius Box Mod Finally Released

Provari Radius Box Mod Released

There was a point in time when the Provari name signified the cream of the crop when it came to personal vaporizers. That time has come and gone though as competitors stayed on top of the pulse of industry while Provari rested on its laurels and reputation. Despite years of inaction, ProVape, the company behind Provari appears ready to bust back on the scene with the Provari Radius Box Mod, the company’s first all new mod in years.

The device is available in several colors: blue, white, red, and black and retails for $199.99. ProVape is also offering silicone sleeves for the Radius Mod in pink, blue, translucent and black for an additional $6.95. An exact release date is not yet known, although the company is already taking pre-orders with an estimated shipping date of “3 to 4 weeks,” according to the ProVape website.

ProVape CEO David Flagg had this to say about the release of the Provari Radius:

Consumers are much more sophisticated now; demanding high-quality personal vaporizers that promise repeatable performance. The Radius appeals to a wide range of people who prefer the box mod form factor as well as its superior longevity, flavor profiles, and safety features.

While the wattage range (3 – 40W) does seem a bit on the low side considering the wide range of box mods currently available, Provari is including its HotShot power boost technology to increase vapor production. First introduced in the P3, HotShot works by delivering a short burst of high power when the firing button is first pressed. Reviews of the feature are generally positive.

Other notable features include an OLED display, micro USB charging, the opportunity to save settings into separate “user profiles,” and short circuit and over-amperage protection. Many of the devices other advanced features are in line and similar to Provari’s previous mods.

(Note: An official specifications list is available from the ProVape website.)

Pros & Cons of the Radius Mod

While the Provari Radius is an extremely high quality device with a variety of advanced and innovative features, what the Radius doesn’t have, and may put it at a disadvantage to its competitors, is temperature control. Many higher end box mods now include this functionality as vapers push the limits of sub-ohm vaping. Temperature control allows for safer vaping even at levels approaching less than 0.1 ohms because it continuously varies the power delivered to the coils to maintain a set temperature, which protects the battery and can also eliminate dry hits and burnt wicks.

This might be one of the biggest hurdles for the Radius to overcome, given its high price tag.

Even with these negatives, hype for the device is surely building. Some are arguing that the Radius is perfect for safety conscious vapers, like Spinfuel’s Julia Hartley-Barnes:

ProVape is not interested in achieving an award for the highest wattage, or a device that hits the lowest resistance, or any other hyped up, unsafe vaping instrument. Instead, I believe ProVape is interested in making a device that delivers a fantastic vape experience for people that actually enjoy vaping and want to do it safely.

That might be a good way to look at it, however with the amount of competition currently out there, it’s something that Provari may need to eventually address to remain relevant in an increasingly competitive industry. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a higher wattage, temperature control version of the Provari Radius Box Mod in the not too distant future.

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