Tips for Vaping in “Stealth Mode”

Stealth Vaping Ninja Let me preface this article by saying that I DO NOT condone vaping in places where e-cigarettes are banned.

Although I don’t agree with heavy restrictions or treating e-cigs like tobacco (and I’ve been known to break the rules occasionally…), I try to respect other people’s concerns about vaporized nicotine, whether it’s warranted or not.

The fact is, even when you respect the law and play by the rules there are many situations where you may want (or need) to be discreet.

Family gatherings, school and business related events are just a few places where big fluffy clouds of vapor may not be appropriate. In these situations, “stealth vaping” is a tool worth adding to your arsenal.

In this stealth vaping guide I’ll walk you through the many ways that you can keep your vaping discreet, giving you and your juice more freedom.

How to Vape More Discreetly

With so much scrutiny being paid to electronic cigarettes by the media and lawmakers, a free-for-all, “vape whenever and wherever you want” attitude may not be the right approach. Not only will it attract unwanted attention, but in my opinion, it gives vapers a BAD RAP.

A little RESPECT will go a long way at improving the public’s perception about vaping, something we could all use right now with looming regulations and proposed vaping bans.

No one is suggesting that you hide, but honor the rules and use common sense. Here are some stealth vaping tips when you want to vape like a ninja…

  1. Use a smaller device – Your giant custom MOD performs extremely well and produces huge plumes of vapor, but it quickly draws the attention of everyone around you when you decide to spark it up. Not only is it large and nearly impossible to hide, but it’s voluminous clouds resemble a smoke signal letting everyone in the room know about your love affair with e-cigs. Consider a backup device for public use or on occasions where you’d like to be discreet. A smaller setup will be easier to shield in your hands, and less vapor means less unwanted attention.
  2. Reduce volt / watt settings – Even if your MOD is small, it still has the potential to fill a room with one satisfying puff. Reduce the volt / watt settings so you don’t set off the fire alarm.
  3. Use higher PG e-juice – Propylene glycol (PG) is known for creating excellent flavor, but it lacks the strong vapor production of VG-based e-juice. By choosing 100% PG, you’ll limit the amount of vapor you produce and you’re less likely to stand out in a crowd.
  4. Hold the vapor in longer – This technique can be applied several different ways, but the concept is, the longer you hold the vapor in the more it will be absorbed by the body. Some people simply inhale and hold for 3-4 seconds, while others take a few gulps of air after each draw – then hold. The longer you hold it in, then less vapor that will be released.
  5. Exhale more slowly – Incorporating the same concept as above, the slower you exhale, the more time the vapor has to be absorbed by your body. The result is LESS VAPOR and less unwanted attention.
  6. Capture / diminish the vapor – A simple way to diminish e-cig vapor is to discreetly exhale into your hand to help break up the cloud. Others will try to capture their vapor in a cup or sleeve, while some simply breath through an article of clothing to help reduce the visual impact.

Creative Stealth Vaping Devices

Some vapers go above and beyond the stealth vaping techniques I’ve described above, creating custom setups that completely hide their gear – the true “MacGyver’s” of the vaping community! In addition, special mods are produced just for being stealthy. Here are a few examples:

Please Follow the Rules…

If you live in a city or frequent a business where indoor vaping is banned, DON’T VAPE. Not only are you breaking the rules, but it’s impolite and disrespectful. Likewise, if a business owner asks you to quit using your e-cig, even if it’s 100% legal, honor their request and step outside. Feel free to state your case in a respectful manner, but there’s no point in fighting a battle you can’t win.

The same respect should be given to the people around you, but in this case “stealth vaping” may be an option worth considering. If vaping is allowed in an establishment but you’re worried about offending someone, use your device in stealth mode. You’ll avoid the unwanted stares, rude comments or the need to justify your choice to use an electronic cigarette.

Not everyone feels the need to vape in secret, but for those of us that would like to avoid confrontations and vape in peace, stealth vaping can be a useful tool.

Do you have some stealth vaping tips? Is there a particular MOD or device you like to use to be discreet? We’d love some more pics! Please share in the comment section below.

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2 Responses

  1. Avatar Carole says:

    Great tips. Hilarious too. I am trying to find a way to disguise my ego as a pipe…

  2. Avatar Andrew Jensen says:

    This kind of applies but I am not supposed to vape in my house so after about a week I was tired of mosquitos outside and figured out a solution. I didn’t want to resort to this initially but anything is better than dip or any other tobacco substitutes when you are trying to quit.

    I took a box (10″ x 8″ x 12″) (relative size doesn’t really matter), put two t-shirts in it, sealed it with a straw extending out of the top, and then proceeded to put two exhaust x-vents in the bottom and two at the lower sides of the box. Besides the residual vapor coming off the vape afterwords there is very little vapor existing outside the box. Keep in mind I am dripping a .2 ohm parallel build at 65w and very happy with the results.

    I hope this helps and please post if you make it better or take the idea further, as stated previous I really hate bothering people with vaping and really do it to not smoke cigs or use tobacco and that is enough for me. Happy vaping and death to tobacco!!!

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